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FTP client written in Tcl-Tk

Salvador Muñoz 's little Idle-Time-Wasting-Project

Jun 15, 2004 :: New screenshot

Since Jun-07-2004, the program code has remained untouched... but tonight I gathered some time (and guts). So now the program can browse through local and remote directories!
I know, it's not breathtaking :) but it's just fine for a little nightly coding session. I'll be testing these features before starting to write new ones. But for sure, the next step is to implement file uploading/downloading. When that's done... well, we'll just have a bare-bones ftp client.
Yep, I pretend to add some buttons on those empty areas in the file browsing window :)
Nightly screenshot Jun-15-2004

Jun 06, 2004 :: First screenshot

I'm submitting this picture to show that the program is pretty far from being ready to use, and it shows the gui I'm planning for it. This is subject to daily changes, so this pic may already not represent the actual status of the program.
Ok, here it is :
First screenshot

Why can't you find anything useful here yet :

At this time, there's only screenshots here. The reason? well, FTclP is being written right now... and it's way too early to release anything. I'm sorry, you'll just have to wait.
But hey, there's plenty of nice ftp clients out there ;)
Looking for clues? Colegio Luis Katunar , Copiapó , Caldera , Chile :)